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Specialised Workshops

Dive into our hands-on Healthy Longevity workshop series! Choose from 5 dynamic options across various fields to gain practical skills in your area of interest.

Workshop details

  • Mode of Delivery: On-site, fostering hands-on learning and engagement.
  • Duration: 4 hours of immersive exploration.
  • Date: February 28th, 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM (with refreshing breaks included)
  • The workshop is part of our Intensive Course, but you can also register for it independently for 450 SGD.

Workshop 1: Models for Ageing

Workshop 1: Models for Ageing

This workshop is designed for biomedical researchers and medical professionals who want to learn more about models of ageing as well as how to measure ageing in these models. The rapidly ageing population and its age-related problems imposes a socioeconomic burden. Hence, it is important that we can model ageing accurately in order to understand the issues as well as what can be done to tackle ageing. The training workshop will consist of mini lectures and interactive small-group exercises.

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Workshop 2: Assessment of Reproductive Ageing in Clinical Practice and Trial Design

Female reproductive ageing entails a gradual decline in ovarian function, profoundly influencing women's health and overall well-being. Despite its pivotal role, reproductive ageing frequently goes unassessed in clinical practice and clinical trials. Comprehensive protocols addressing reproductive health are conspicuously lacking. This workshop aims to bridge this gap by introducing an intricately designed protocol tailored to assess female reproductive ageing. Join us in this advanced workshop to revolutionize your approach to assessing reproductive ageing and make a lasting impact on the future of women's health.  

Workshop 3: The Longevity of Brain and Muscle

Workshop 3: The Longevity of Brain and Muscle

The health of brain and muscle underpin our vitality as we age. This workshop combines expert lectures and interactive sessions that will reveal the remarkable connections between cognitive function and muscularhealth. Through lectures by renowned experts in neuroscience and muscle physiology, participants will delve into the fascinating mechanisms that govern the longevity of these vital systems. In addition, you will get to test your own brain and muscle health through unique exercises. At the end of the workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these two systems interact and influence our overall well-being. 

Workshop 4

Workshop 4: Measuring Biological Age with Epigenetics Clock

From a biological viewpoint, age is not merely a number, but a complex interplay of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. A biological age can reveal more about our health and longevity than the number of years we have spent on this planet. Epigenetics, the study of modifications to our DNA that influence gene expression without altering the underlying genetic code, serves as one of the key tools for measuring the biological age. This specialized session is designed for scientists and clinicians to delve into cutting-edge methodologies of age determination through DNA methylation analysis. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be equipped to deploy DNA methylation age in your research or clinic. 

Workshop 5

Workshop 5: Bringing Longevity Medicine to Practice: Private and Public perspectives

This workshop consists of two field visits: one to the Healthy Longevity Clinic at Alexandra Hospital and another to a similar clinic run by a private entity in Singapore. Both clinics serve as case studies for translating Healthy Longevity Medicine into practice. In both visits, you will learn from thought leaders about the latest science and technology for implementation and the practical challenges. Participants will get to envision the future of healthcare that prevents patients from succumbing to diseases, allowing them to thrive in their older age. 

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